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Ideas-for-Tourism Hackathon

Innovating the Punjab Tourism Product

First Ever Tourism Hackathon

Welcome to the Ideas-for-Tourism Hackathon for students of tourism in Punjab! This exciting ONLINE event aims to harness your creativity and passion for tourism to generate innovative ideas that will enhance the tourism experience in our beautiful state. Your fresh perspectives and unique insights can contribute to the growth of our tourism industry, benefiting both visitors and locals alike. Get ready to showcase your skills, collaborate with fellow students, and propose ideas that could shape the future of Punjab’s tourism.


  1. Deadline to submit 24th September 2023.
  2. Entries once submitted can not be edited/retrieved.
  3. Entries can be only uploaded through the link on this page.
  4. No emails will be entertained.
  5. Entries only as PDF max 5mb.
  6. In case of entries by a group, number of members not to exceed 4.

Submit Content

Seed your ideas

(Team Submission max 4 persons)


Foster creativity and innovation among students of tourism.
Generate novel and feasible ideas to improve tourism in Punjab.
Encourage collaboration and networking among students, industry professionals, and academia.
Identify actionable solutions that promote sustainable tourism practices.
Showcase the potential of our state as a vibrant and attractive tourist destination.


Sustainable Tourism

Develop ideas that promote environmentally friendly tourism practices, minimize the ecological footprint, and support local communities.

Digital Innovation

Explore how technology can enhance the tourism experience, from interactive apps and augmented reality to online booking platforms.

Cultural Immersion

Create strategies to showcase the rich cultural heritage and traditions of [State Name], ensuring that tourists have authentic and memorable experiences.

Adventure Tourism

Propose thrilling outdoor activities and adventures that highlight our state’s natural beauty, attracting adrenaline-seeking tourists.

Community Engagement

Generate ideas that involve local communities, creating a symbiotic relationship between tourism and the residents of Punjab.

Women in Tourism

Showcase your ideas or Meet the trailblazing women of tourism, shaping unforgettable journeys and experiences. From passionate guides unraveling cultural stories to visionary entrepreneurs driving sustainable ventures, their indomitable spirit enriches destinations worldwide.

Judging Criteria

Innovation: How unique and creative is the idea?
Feasibility: Is the idea practical and realistic to implement?
Impact: Will the idea significantly enhance the tourism experience in Punjab?
Sustainability: Does the idea promote sustainable tourism practices?
Presentation: How effectively is the idea communicated?


Top three ideas will get an opportunity to present at the Valedictory Ceremony.
1st prize INR 30,000 with commendation certificate
2nd prize INR 15,000 with commendation certificate
3rd Prize INR 5,000 with commendation certificate

All participants will get a certificate of participation.

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